What people say

“The FIDI Payment Service is, in fact, very easy to use. It´s a perfect way to make contra-payments with your partners and the best thing is – we save on bank charges!” — Ingrid Eder – Sobolak International Austria
“We use the FIDI Payment Service because not only is the exchange rate provided reasonable, but it can also eliminate bank charges every month.” — Cindy Lou – Asian Tigers Mobility Hong Kong
“What a great idea for FIDI to come up with a fast and cost saving payment service!! It saves us money on currency fluctuation and wire fees. In other words, instead of paying my bank fees for 25 wires to 25 different vendors, I get to pay only one wire fee. It’s very easy to use and FIDI has the best customer support centre, any day, anytime my questions have been answered. Thank you!” — Abdoul Housseni – Paxton International USA
“(… the FIDI Payment Service) saves us time and money. It’s simple, controllable and we get great exchange rates with no fees. And the staff are really helpful too if we need any assistance! We are looking forward to more and more FIDI Affiliates joining up and experiencing the same benefits as we have!” — Anna Yates - GB Liners UK
“(…) it’s just an easy way to make or receive payments from all over the world. We find the main advantage is the reduction in the amount of
payments we need to make – we only need to make one, instead of several. We’ve also managed to achieve cost savings, especially where foreign currency transactions are concerned. ” — Sandra Michaux – Streff Luxembourg