Your move's checklist

To help plan for your move, FIDI has put together a checklist of recommended tasks from 6-8 weeks before you go up to the day of the move.



  • Decide what to do with the current housing: sell, rent
  • Choose a FIDI moving company and set a date for packing
  • Look into storage possibility
  • Arrange temporary accommodation at destination
  • Apply for visa(s) and working permit(s)
  • Explain the reasons for your move to your family and close relations in good time.
  • Make inventory of household items you want to take
  • Think about airfreight shipment for the most needed goods


  • Arrange disposal of the belongings you no longer need
  • Notify your childrens' schools or any organizations to which you belong, of your move.
  • Notify of your address change
  • Check with your bank manager that your accounts can be transferred smoothly
  • Check validity date of all important documents: passport, driving licence etc.; Ensure that all work permits, visas etc. are approved and in your possession.
  • Gather all your family's medical and dental records as well as school reports and certificates for the new schools.
  • When moving with pets, check the quarantine regulations and get copies of veterinary records from your vet.
  • Make a detailed inventory of the major items in your home for your insurance. Record their value and the date of purchase where possible.
  • Schedule the survey of your household goods. It should be done as soon as you know which items you want to move.


  • Make sure you have valid insurance: personal, medical, car
  • Collect together all relevant documents: ticket, hotel reservation ect,
  • Make arrangements to cancel all your subscriptions (newspaper, magazines, clubs, f.i.)
  • Arrange to discontinue all services (electricity, gas, water etc.)
  • List all belongings to be moved and  estimate value for each


  • Separate the goods you want to keep with you while travelling to your new home, including medicine, valuables, jewellery, permits and passports etc.
  • Pack your suitcases for the trip. Be sure to pack enough belongings to meet your needs while we are transporting the rest.
  • Drain the fuel and oil from lawn-mowers and other similar pieces of equipment.
  • Make a list of goods you want our movers to pack last and to unpack first.
  • Dispose of house plants.
  • Arrange minders for children or pets for the day of the removal


  • Give movers tour and instructions for what is being moved
  • Stay close to the packing supervisor; point out items that need special handling and packaging, indicate items that are not going to be shipped (if possible, have them clearly marked before - post-it notes work effectively)
  • Sign the inventory list and take your copy with you