FASI: FIDI's payment protection plan for its Affiliates - and their customers

For any business to thrive it's essential to keep good cash flow. So when collecting payments becomes a concern, you need a plan in place to ensure you get paid promptly.

FIDI's financial protection programme, FASI, was designed to protect FIDI Affiliates' working capital against the financial default of a FIDI colleague.

How does FASI work?

How does FASI work?

FASI - protecting your finances

The programme combines the FASI Scheme and the Payment Protection Plan.

  • The FASI (FAIM Affiliates Secured Invoices) Scheme enables a FIDI Affiliate among others to report overdue invoices against other FIDI Affiliates and to keep track of the litigation status of overdue invoices.
  • The Payment Protection Plan comes into force should a FIDI partner go bankrupt or be terminated from FIDI. In this case the payment protection plan helps the FIDI Affiliate recover up to 90% of unpaid invoices.

If you would like to learn more about how FASI protects you as a FIDI partner or customer, please contact us at fasi@fidi.org

FASI explained

FASI Process Infographic