FIDI's Mission & Vision

The international moving and relocation industry has changed tremendously over the past 50 years - and so has FIDI and its affiliated companies. To reflect this change and the position of FIDI in the global mobility world, FIDI has defined a new Vision & Mission Statement.

Because we are FIDI, we are global and we do not compromise on quality.
FIDI's Mission & Vision

FIDI Global Alliance - Mission & Vision Statement

We are FIDI.

We are committed to a global mobility world where the highest common standards are defined by quality, sustainability and trust.

We set the global standards for international movers and global mobility stakeholders. We define and defend quality, and we constantly raise the bar. We do not compromise on quality.

We represent the best of our industry, providing the necessary tools, knowledge and network for our members to thrive, succeed and deliver a world class customer experience.

We provide the space and opportunity for meaningful cooperation between all global mobility stakeholders, ensuring a strong, vibrant future for our industry.