Benefits of FIDI membership

Are you interested in expanding your international business?

  • With a network of over 600 Affiliates in over 100 countries providing quality driven relocation services, FIDI can help expand your network and bring you new opportunities worldwide.

Are you seeking a strong and recognised quality seal for your services?

  • FIDI Membership provides recognition of your international moving and destination services. Providing quality services is a must for FIDI Affiliation and all Affiliates must obtain the FAIM Certification (for moving services) or FIDI DSP Certification (for destination services). The FAIM Quality and FIDI DSP Quality seals allows you to position yourself for RFPs with corporate customers, global HR professionals or diplomatic services, for whom the FAIM and FIDI DSP seals of quality is a must!

Are you looking for more networking opportunities?

Then act now and join FIDI!

Being a member of the FIDI Global Alliance helps you put an emphasis on international moves, attract high profile customers and get acknowledgment for your quality services. It's all about positioning yourself and joining a network that commits to an internationally recognized quality standard.

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