FIDI DSP Certification

FIDI Quality in destination services

The FIDI DSP Certification programme follows the same principle that has built the FAIM reputation: a set of stringent requirements that have to be consistently upheld, with independent audits verifying compliance on a regular basis. The FIDI DSP Certification is available as an optional module to FIDI affiliated companies who offer destination services (DSP) as well as to full DSP companies that comply with the minimum requirements.
FIDI DSP Certification - introduction

Consistent proven quality services

Based on the FAIM Compliance Procedure, the FIDI DSP Certification programme follows the same three-year onsite audit cycle combined with yearly self-assessments. All certified companies have to prove consistent compliance with the stringent FIDI DSP requirements, covering topics such as:

  • DSP-related activities
  • Data protection
  • Supply-chain management
  • Anti-bribery & anti-corruption

During the onsite visit, the independent auditor will check a selection of files and verify if the processes and procedures are correctly and consistently applied and respected.

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What destination services are covered by the FIDI DSP Certification?

Orientation (also called "Look & See Visit")

The orientation service gives the assignee a thorough introduction to life in the new location to help set realistic expectations and to get a feel of the new location before moving. During the orinetation phase, the assignee can decide which area will be the best suited to look for housing, and maybe a few properties can be visited to understand what is available. This visit should also cover items like the cultural do's and don'ts of the country, what medical facilities are availbale, transportation, sport and shopping facilities, and what to expect from the next steps of the move.

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Home Search

Finding the right home is key to a successful assignment. Home search services helps the assignee to find the perfect place, through a thorough research according to their specific requirements and budget. Home search services include assistance with lease negotiations, in full compliance with local legal erquirements; sharing comprehensive "newcomers" information including emergency numbers, what to do and how to settle in; assistance in setting up utilities and services such as telephone and internet; etc.

home search

School Search

Choosing the right school is often the most stressful experience for parents. A DSP professional will help the assignee make this process as easy and smooth as possible. Elements covered in the school search services include providing clear and extensive information and advice on the education system and available options; assistance with application and enrolment at chosen schools and coordination of admission tests if required; etc.

school search


The first months in a new location can be extremely stressful when everything has to fall into place, both at home and at work. Receiving the right guidance, support and assistance with all the domestic arrangements will allow the assignee to focus on the new job and the family to adapt faster to the new environment. Settling-in service should be customized to meet the assignee’s company’s policies and can cover services like neighbourhood orientation; orientation on health care systems and introduction to doctors; the opening of a bank account; car purchase or lease assistance; home and vehicle insurance; introduction to social groups, associations, clubs, and gyms; etc.

settling in


When it’s time to move on to a new destination or to return to the home country, the DSP professional assists the assignee with all in practicalities and time-consuming issues linked to the departure. Some actions cannot be completed prior to the departure, so having a trusted representative to tie up the loose ends once the boxes are packed is a valuable help. Departure service include assistance with the move (notification of the landlord and local authorities, coordination of cleaning and reparations, handover and check-out); disconnection of utilities; cancellation of subscriptions, memberships and accounts; de-registration with local authorities; mail forwarding; etc.


You can find all FIDI affiliated companies who are DSP certified on the "Find a FIDI Affiliate" page