What are destination services?

Destination Services

When moving homes from one country to another, you don't just move your personal belongings. You need to find a house, a school, make sure your visa and legal documents are in order, etc.
Most FIDI Affiliates offer a range of additional 'destination services' for moving overseas, which can be very useful and in some cases essential for your family.

Home search

Finding a new home is time-consuming and can cause great stress, especially when you don't know much about the city you are moving to.

Services such as finding a house that matches your criteria and budget can be very helpful, whether they are offered as a basic self-help service or expanded to include, for example, negotiating the lease, facilitating the preparation and signature of an appropriate lease, etc. These programmes save you (the expat) or the HR department of your company a lot of time and money. When a home is found quickly, you are more likely to settle in and be happy and productive from the outset.

houses in a row

School search

If you are moving with your family, your children’s education is a major preoccupation, often exacerbated by the excessive bureaucracy and unfamiliar regulations you encounter at your country of destination.

Education assistance programmes will ensure you and your partner understand the best schooling options in your new location and help you find the most appropriate school for your child(ren).

Providing education assistance will bring valuable peace of mind to you and your family.

school books

Moving with pets

Moving internationally with pets presents special challenges and (depending on your destination) you will probably have to overcome a mountain of bureaucracy to be able to take your pets with you.

There are many different factors to consider, including import and export permits, special airline carriers, veterinary visits, and paperwork. Countries have different regulations concerning health certificates, and certain destinations have more stringent rules than others. Pets may have to be kept in quarantine for a while.

Dog in box

Visa & Immigration

Immigration regulations can be incredibly complicated and frustrating. They differ greatly from country to country, and change frequently. It can be hard to know what the right requirements are, and the consequences for getting it wrong are serious.

Immigration services cover the coordination of immigration processes, from processing documents at the beginning, to de-registering documents at the end, including renewals of visas and work permits when needed. 

passport and visa stamps

Cultural training & language lessons

When moving to a new country, it’s important to understand the culture and language to be successful in business and generally to fit in. Cultural training may even be necessary where there is no language difference. Comprehensive cultural training is regularly included in the destination services offered by international moving companies and will help you and your family settle in quickly. Lessons in conversational or business language can also be arranged.

languages on blackboard - photo by Leonardo Toshiro Okubo / unsplash.com

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