FAIM Quality Certification

FAIM - Raising standards the world over

The primary objective of FAIM is to provide a worldwide high-quality standard for international moving and relocation services. To date, the FAIM Quality Certification is the world's only recognized quality certification for professional international moving and relocation companies.
Don't rely on luck. Rely on FAIM.
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The FAIM Quality Certification is unique in its kind and sets the benchmark for quality services in the international moving and relocation world.

Developed by FIDI Global Alliance

  • Behind FAIM stands FIDI, the global alliance of international moving and relocation companies. Its goal is to unite quality-minded parties around the world, creating strong partnerships and raising industry standards.

Independently audited

  • FAIM accredited companies are regularly audited by an independent third-party, currently EY, ensuring that all companies adhere to the same high standards. Demonstrating FAIM compliance is a mandatory requirement to become a FIDI Affiliate, and affiliated companies must comply with the FAIM Compliance Procedure at all times in order to maintain FAIM certification.

Wide-ranging and stringent requirements

  • FAIM certified companies do not only have to comply with operational requirements relating to the quality of service and supply chain management, they also need to prove they are financially and organisationally healthy. For companies providing destination services, the optional DSP Certification module ensures the same high level of services covers these specific activities.

What are the FAIM requirements?

The FAIM Quality Standard covers a series of requirements that all FAIM certified companies need to comply with at all times, ranging from operational activities to supply-chain management, risk management, data protection, and financial stability.

Consistent quality of service

  • All FAIM certified companies are audited on their operational services and quality procedures, making sure all work according to the same high level of quality, all the time.

Supply chain performance

  • FAIM certified companies have to prove that they work with suppliers who follow the same high standards, leading to better control of the entire relocation process.

Compliance with industry standards & international regulations

  • FAIM certified companies have to abide by FIDI's strict Anti Bribery & Corruption and Anti-Trust Charters
  • They also have to prove compliance with stringent data protection principles and relevant international compliance regulations.

Financial stability

  • To ensure the financial health of all FIDI Affiliates, each company has to provide its financial statements, which are assessed by an independent auditor on a yearly basis.

The FAIM Compliance Procedure follows a 3-year cycle, with an extensive on-site audit every third year. The on-site audit process is performed by independent auditors, currently EY.

  • The FAIM on-site audit is the fundamental step in the FAIM Compliance Procedure. The independent auditor will check that your company is fully compliant with all the latest FAIM requirements.
  • The Internal FAIM Audit is a mandatory yearly self-assessment performed by the FAIM certified company itself. The company has to send specific documentation to the FAIM Coordination Centre to prove that this assessment has been done as per the FAIM requirements.
  • The FAIM Financial Assessment is a yearly assessment of the financial statements of all FIDI affiliated companies. The provided financial documents are assessed by an independent third-party. The results determine the risk of a FIDI Affiliate not being creditworthy, i.e. whether they will be able or not to pay their bills.
The FAIM Compliance Procedure follows a 3-year cycle, with an independent on-site audit every third year.

The FAIM Financial Assessment, a guarantee of financial health

FAIM Financial Assessment requirement explained

At the FCC, we take compliance very seriously.

In alignment with FIDI's mission statement regarding bribery and corruption, we underline the importance of the ethical conduct of our actions related to the handling of FAIM Compliance Procedures for Affiliates and First-Time Applicants, making a clear statement by signing the FIDI Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Charter.

At the FAIM Coordination Center (FCC), we handle and store personal information from FAIM Applicants related to their FAIM Compliance Procedure. We are committed to respecting the data privacy of FAIM Applicants by handling all the personal information collected in connection with their FAIM Compliance Procedure in accordance with applicable local and international laws, as well as our own Privacy Policy. This notice explains our practices with regard to your personal information.

Choosing a FAIM certified company is the synonym of quality commitment

All FAIM certified companies can rely on the global FIDI network to work with like-minded partners, all following the same high quality standards.