FIDI-FAIM certification

The FIDI-FAIM certification programme requires that international movers have a periodic independent assessment of their inter-continental moving activities through an independent audit which is performed every three years.

At FIDI we constantly challenge ourselves to aim and reach higher. All FIDI Affiliated companies also have to perform a yearly Internal FAIM Audit (IFA), to guarantee their ongoing compliance with FAIM regulations. Through IFA, their compliance with up-to-date FAIM Standards is confirmed and certified on a yearly basis. An Internal FAIM Audit (IFA) under FAIM means a periodical assessment of operations, documents and procedures by  own management & staff of the affiliated companies to assess if their company is consistently working aligned with the latest and up-to-date FAIM requirements. As soon as all the documentation is in order and the company is considered compliant with the Internal FAIM Audit requirements, the company will receive its confirmation of FAIM Quality Assurance Certificate.

New since the implementation of FAIM 3.2 in January 2019, all FIDI affiliated companies also have to do a yearly Financial Assessment (currently a pilot project running until 2021, with no consequence on a company's FIDI membership). To comply with this mandatory requirement, all Affiliates need to provide specific financial documentation through a secured platform on a yearly basis, which is checked by a third-party auditor (currently EY). The auditor verifies the documents and returns a report on the company's financial health. 

This ensures that FIDI companies work to a worldwide common standard for managing and performing international moving services in a uniformed, quality-minded and effective way. It also provides a transparent mechanism that ensures that the standards remain high.

For the end-customer, choosing a FAIM certified company gives the person who moves and the HR department who is organising the move, confidence that the company knows the business and has the resources and know-how to do the job properly.

FAIM is administered by the FAIM Coordination Centre (FCC) based at the FIDI office in Brussels.

The on-site assessment is independently performed by international assessors EY.