What is a global mobility specialist?

You are at the centre of the relocation experience

As a global mobility specialist, you are the main point of contact for an employee going on an international assignment, for any matters relating to his/her international move. The global mobility specialist can be part of the HR department of the employee's company or work for a third-party offering relocation management services. Your responsibilities cover a large scope of activities and touch on the most sensitive and emotional side of relocating. You are also the centre point for all the stakeholders involved: the assignee, the employer and the suppliers.
A Global Mobility specialist covers a wide scope of responsibilities

What does a global mobility specialist do?

Your role as a global mobility specialist is crucial for the success of an international relocation, and covers a wide scope of responsibilities:

  • as part of the HR department, you may be involved in the selection process of the perfect candidate to send on a particular assignment;
  • you identify and assess the needs of the assignee: are they moving alone, or with a partner and family? Do they have international experience? What services will they require before, during and after the move: house and school search, visa and immigration assistance, partner support?
  • you identify the best suppliers to work with for the different relocation services and coordinate each step of the international move with all the stakeholders involved;
  • you are in constant communication with the assignee and their company during the entire relocation process, offering support, advice, and solutions whenever necessary;
  • you demonstrate due diligence towards the assignee's company and ensure that the assignment complies with local and international regulations as well as the company's own processes.

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