Make the jump or not? Thumb | FIDI blog
20 April 2017

Does an expat assignment really help your career progression?

Going on a global assignment can be great for your career. But beware of the professional downsides too…

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14 April 2017

Meet the expats of the future

As global mobility has evolved, so too have the expats themselves and the way they work. Let’s meet the expats of the future…

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Quick fix bike | FIDI blog
3 April 2017

Is your global mobility strategy a fix for now or a plan for the future?

Many organizations are guilty of short-termism when it comes to global mobility. Are you among them – and why does it happen? 

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27 March 2017

The pros and cons of expat life in Singapore

A summary of the strengths and weaknesses of Singapore from the expat perspective

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20 March 2017

Expat duty of care: how to stay compliant

HR managers and global mobility teams know they have a duty of care: but how do they make sure they offer the right level of support to be compliant?

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2 March 2017

What expats want: the 5 kinds of expat support most valued by your international workforce

What can the HR department do to ensure the success of every global assignment? One of the key answers is to understand what expats really want…

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FAIM The world's most recognized standard for international movers

FAIM, short for FIDI Accredited International Mover, stands as the world’s most recognized quality label for professional international movers and relocation companies. Highly regarded and revered for its stringent demands and rigorous auditing process, the label ensures that only the most reliable and performing movers can bear the seal. The FAIM label is your assurance for a smooth, safe and comprehensive removal process.