2023 FIDI State Of The Industry Report: essential reading for global mobility professionals

Cover image of report with title : 2023 FIDI State Of The Industry Report

Want to know what’s going down in global mobility? Simply consult one of the industry’s most important barometers – the FIDI Focus State of the Industry Report. The 2023 edition is published this month, reporting on the factors affecting the industry – which in turn have a profound effect on the activities and attitudes of those organizations that the industry serves.

If you are involved in the relocation of professionals, you can find out in a single report which industry trends are likely to affect you in 2023. Download your free copy here. The report includes key insight into :

The legacy of Covid

  • We are getting back to normal – but not all at the same speed. Find out why this might be bad news for Hong Kong and good news for Malaysia.

Global challenges

  • While the container supply problems of 2022 have eased, they are replaced by concerns over energy security, inflation and political uncertainty caused the war in Ukraine.

Talent shortages

  • The relocation of talent is a way for large organizations to address the post-pandemic skills gap. But how is this affected by the shortage of skilled staff in the relocation industry itself?

Operating ethically

  • Increasingly, people want to work for a cause, and not just a company. Find out why diversity, equality and inclusivity are high on the corporate agenda.

Digital transformation

  • Rapid advances in technology are transforming the way you and your suppliers manage the relocation process.

Sustainability meets reality

  • It is widely acknowledged that progress towards net zero can only be made if everyone works together. Is 2023 is the year when global organizations and their relocation partners see the results of cooperation?

Download your copy now

There is a lot going on in global mobility. Stay up to speed with developments by reading your copy of the 2023 FIDI State Of The Industry Report


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