Why rely on a FIDI Affiliate?

Partner up with the best in the industry

When you choose a FIDI Affiliate, you can rest assured that they will handle your assignee's move in the most professional way possible. They have the experience, expertise and resources to make it happen. And their FIDI Certification proves it!
FIDI Affiliates move the world

International moving and relocation is complicated and you need the best partners to ensure all goes smoothly

  • A FIDI Affiliate will provide the perfect solution. For a company to be a member of FIDI Global Alliance, they have to comply with the FAIM Certification Programme for movers and the FIDI DSP Certification Programme for destination service providers - the most rigorous and independently audited quality certification programmes dedicated exclusively to the international relocation industry.
  • FIDI affiliated companies rely on a worldwide network of partners who all work according to the same, stringent FAIM and FIDI DSP requirements.

Don't rely on luck. Rely on FAIM.

FAIM Quality Standard

Choosing a FIDI Affiliate is the synonym of quality commitment

All FAIM certified companies can rely on the global FIDI network for partners which all follow the same high quality standards.