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Truck makers face fines as the European Union steps up cartel investigation

The European Commission has stepped up a wide-ranging cartel investigation that could lead to heavy fines for some of the world's biggest truck makers.

The EU's executive announced on the 20th November that it had sent formal charge sheets to several manufacturers it suspected of price fixing, marking the next phase of a complex investigation that began with raids on a number of companies' headquarters in January 2011.

Malaysia ceases issuing i-Pass

The Malaysian Immigration Department (MYID) ceased issuing the i-Pass until further notice as part of a need for internal reorganisation. This will not impact the work permit application process as a whole because the i-Pass is an additional identification for expatriates in Malaysia. As long as the expatriate holds a valid Employment Pass (EP), there will be no issues.

Professional Visit Pass (PVP) applications to be submitted via ESD

Trends in relocation

Has the 2008 financial crisis had an impact on relocation services? What are today's trends?

Read the article by Michael Cassiers, FIDI Secretary-General, published in Acquisition International (June 2014)


Strategy to reduce CO2 exhaust from lorries released by European Commission

The European Commission released a strategy to reduce the CO2 exhaust from lorries, which are responsible for around one quarter of road transport emissions.

FIDI sets strict quality standards that are widely recognized- FAIM is the supreme seal of quality

With more than 600 affiliates in more than 100 countries, the FIDI network offers you optimal solutions, anywhere in the world

Payment Protection Plan Rules

The new Payment Protection Plan regime applies to invoices issued after January 2013 against terminated companies.

How does the PPP work?
All FIDI Affiliates make an annual contribution to the PPP Fund, which is used if needed when a FIDI Affiliate is terminated.
FIDI's Payment Protection Plan (PPP) helps you recover up to 90% of unpaid invoices, should your FIDI partner go bankrupt or be terminated from FIDI.

What happens when an Affiliate is terminated?

- The largest global alliance of international removal companies

The combined entity has expanded its US servicing capabilities, reaching from the Pacific coast in California to the Atlantic coast in North Carolina – 25 agencies in 14 states. In addition, the two companies will now share an international network of more than 400 movers in 175 countries, servicing close to 25,000 relocations annually. ‘We are excited to become part of the Armstrong organisation,’ said Tori Ferrante, president of Crown Worldwide Moving & Storage’s international division.

As the only moving organisation to set a quality benchmark, FIDI members offer you the best service every time

As the only moving organisation to set a quality benchmark, FIDI members offer you the best service every time

Over 600 independent affiliates in more than 100 countries

A network of over 600 members in more than 100 countries spanning the five continents.