Important update for FIDI Affiliates holding a modular DSP certificate


Updated Module: FIDI-DSP 2023

We are pleased to announce the release of the updated modular version of our quality standard, FIDI-DSP 2023. This revised module reflects our commitment to excellence and aligns with the latest industry best practices. 

Please note that the DSP module can only be verified with Affiliates where the DSP services are provided under the same legal entity as the Affiliate applying for FAIM (re)certification. 

In case the DSP services are provided under a different legal entity as the Affiliate applying for FAIM certification, the DSP legal entity will be part of the new DSP Section as recently created in FIDI. The DSP Section is a platform for firms who are indirectly associated with the intercontinental moving sector, providing non-moving relocation support services (i.e., other than or in addition to intercontinental household goods furniture removals) as defined in Art 8: DSP Section in the FIDI Statutes. 


**Effective Date for audit purposes: 1st September 2024** 

Please be advised that Affiliates wanting to (re)certify their DSP services will be subject to the updated version of the FIDI-DSP Standard module starting from 1st September 2024. It is imperative that your team familiarizes themselves with the changes to ensure compliance and maintain the high-quality standards we uphold.


Accessing the Updated Version: 

To access the latest version of the FIDI-DSP 2023 module, please visit the FAIM library in FIDINET, under the DSP section. If you encounter any difficulties or have questions regarding the updated standard, feel free to reach out to the FAIM Coordination Centre at

 We appreciate your commitment to maintaining the highest quality in our services, and your cooperation in implementing the updated standard is crucial to our collective success.


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