FIDI Global Alliance

The FIDI Global Alliance is a not-for-profit organisation representing professional international moving and relocation companies, called FIDI Affiliates.

There are currently 26 regional FIDI Associations, representing over 600 FIDI Affiliates in more than 100 countries. When an international moving company joins FIDI, it becomes a FIDI Affiliate and automatically joins the FIDI Association responsible for representing its country or region.

FIDI seen through the eyes of its Affiliates

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FIDI is run according to its Statutes and under the following representative lines:

FIDI General Assembly

The FIDI General Assembly is the supreme authority of FIDI; it is composed of the 27 FIDI Associations who represent FIDI Affiliates in a country or group of countries.

The General Assembly elects the members of the FIDI Board and appoints an auditor, approves the annual accounts and budget and decides on items such as amendments to the FIDI Statutes and membership fees.

FIDI Board

The Board is the executive body of FIDI and drives the organisation forward. The Board meets FIDI Associations at least twice a year. Its responsibilities include:

  • Outlining FIDI’s strategy and policy
  • Leading FIDI's operations
  • Chairing the annual General Assembly
  • Implementing proposals approved by the General Assembly
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FIDI Committees

The FIDI Board is seconded by a number of committees that provide advisory support in specific areas relating to the federation's governance.

FIDI Office

The FIDI Board appoints a Secretary General to lead the FIDI office. The FIDI office is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the federation.

FIDI is committed to upholding the highest standards for the international moving and relocation industry

Through our quality engagement, FIDI Anti-Trust Charter and FIDI Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Charter, we implement very stringent compliance measures to ensure the integrity of the industry is maintained. Our measures are strictly enforced and regularly assessed to ensure they meet changes in the industry.

The FIDI Professional Cooperation Guidelines (FIDI PCGs) were developed by FIDI as guidelines for FIDI and non-FIDI agents when handling an international move. They are now considered as a reference for best practices for international moves and have been officially endorsed by industry stakeholders, such as the IAM in 2018 and LACMA in 2019.

FIDI also believes that close cooperation between industry stakeholders is key for the development of the global mobility sector. With this in mind, FIDI has joined the IAM and OMNI to establish the Moving and Mobility Standards Alliance, with the aim to promote industry-wide standardisation efforts and projects.