Global Mobility Managers

We've got your Global Mobility needs covered.

As a Global Mobility specialist, you have to be sure that all aspects of your assignees' relocation are taken care of. FIDI Global Alliance, with its global network of vetted specialists in international moving and relocation, is your best partner to assist you.

Find your perfect relocation partner

To ensure a successful international relocation, it is fundamental that not only the assignee but his/her whole family, has a smooth transition. As the global mobility specialist in charge, you need to find the best moving and relocation company to assist you, provide support to your organisation and your assignees, and take care of their personal needs.

This is where FIDI Global Alliance comes into the picture.

The FAIM Certification - your guarantee for quality

FIDI Global Alliance is an international network of international moving specialists, all working according to the most stringent requirements in the industry. The FAIM Certification Programme ensures that they maintain the same high level quality of service - all the time.

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