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The FIDI Academy Flowsparks platform is the exclusive online training environment, available to all registered students. To access the platform, you must be logged in to FIDINET.

FIDI Flowsparks

The FIDI Academy exists to develop global mobility stakeholders into moving and relocation leaders by building, sharing and recognising the skills needed to move lives.

Developed by FIDI Global Alliance

  • Our courses are constantly reassessed to ensure they are up-to-date with changes in today's business environment. This enables you to turn your valued employees into service champions through our comprehensive expert-led courses, engage and motivate them through a rewarding international experience, and retain their talents through career development programs.

Training and Education

  • Courses are offered in flexible formats, such as seminars, webinars and online training. Our on-site seminars provide both theoretical and practical training in an interactive, hands-on environment, putting the students in the perfect environment to unlock their full potential. In-house training and workshops are available upon request.

Accreditation and Development

  • We strongly promote continuous professional development by awarding our graduates with career points. The total amount of career points validate the level of training and education that our graduates have successfully completed throughout their career.

Regulations and Risks

  • We smarten up your expat programs with accredited relocation partners through a comprehensive service offering, by staying ahead of compliance issues and risks, and by growing on the impact and success of global mobility through a broad perspective.

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FIDI Academy

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