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**Special FIDI Academy offer for 2022**

**Special FIDI Academy offer for 2022**

Our online training is available anytime at your convenience. For more information, contact the FIDI Academy at

Corporate Sustainability

This course is essential as corporate sustainability is gaining momentum with pressure increasing on companies to become more sustainable in all aspects of their operations. Companies that understand this and are quick to adapt have the opportunity to position themselves at the forefront, and reap the benefits of a clear competitive advantage. The course is composed of 5 modules covering the environment, social, financial, business/governance, and how to build your own roadmap.

  • This course is free for all FIDI Affiliates.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the benefits and need for a sustainability strategy
  • Develop, implement, monitor and report on a sustainability programme
  • How to integrate environmental, social and governance issues into your company risk-management framework
  • Communicate and create awareness

Topics covered:

  • Environmental sustainability
  • Social sustainability
  • Financial sustainability
  • Business/Governance sustainability
  • How to build your own roadmap

The Foundations of International Moving

This course is essential to new FIDI Affiliated companies or new employees starting a career in the moving business. This program is composed of 5 modules covering all aspects of the moving process and the tools and technologies available when moving transferees' household goods worldwide.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand and demonstrate the real benefits of being a FIDI agent
  • Understand the philosophy of your FAIM accreditation and turn it into a unique selling point
  • Understand the full international moving process

DSP Fundamentals

This course is essential to new FIDI Affiliated companies or new employees starting a career in the relocation business. This program is composed of 6 chapters covering the basics of destination services when relocating an employee. 

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the relocation market, the stakeholders, the services, your customer's needs
  • Understand the basic destination services that a relocation company must provide, including rate metrics and costs calculation
  • Sell your services and your company efficiently
  • Structure your company, your departments, your staff in order to provide outstanding services to your customers

The International FIDI Packers Training

The quality of your company's operational teams, including your packers teams, is core to the FAIM accreditation. Through this module, your packers' teams will learn how to render top-quality services for international moves, all following the latest FAIM requirements.

This program can also benefit your office staff and your quality manager. It will help build the bridge between the teams dealing directly with the customers. We strongly recommend that you organise this training session as a group exercise within your company. 

The FIDI Academy will provide you with guidelines for a successful completion of this program.

EU GDPR (EU Data Protection Regulations & related FAIM requirements)

The EU GDPR was implemented in May 2018 and has had a great impact in how private and personal information is being processed in Europe and beyond. Through this interactive course, you will learn what the EU GDPR means, how to adapt your business processes to be compliant with this regulation, and how the FAIM requirements linked to data (privacy) protection relate to this international regulation.

Tools for successful RFPs

Tendering for RFPs (Request for Projects) can be very complicated and time consuming. In this course, you will learn some useful tools and tricks to make the process easier and smoother for your sales team.

FIDI Compliance Requirements training

This training is mandatory for all FIDI Affiliates in order to make sure you are compliant, you understand the risks and take appropriate measures to protect your company against potential law suits for bribery, corruption, discrimination, unethical business behaviour and data protection.

Topics covered:

  • Bribery & Corruption (mandatory)
  • Anti-competitive agreements & unethical social behaviours (mandatory)
  • Data protection (mandatory)
  • Case studies (mandatory)
  • Exam (mandatory)
  • FIDI-FAIM documents (optional)

QHSE (Quality, Health, Security & Environment) guidelines

Learning objectives:

  • Understand what is a QHSE Management system and your role as a QHSE Manager
  • Know how to start and implement a QHSE Management system
  • Understand the difference between policies, processes, procedures and how to align those to the company Vision & Mission
  • Understand the benefits of an integrated QHSE management system
  • Understand the different QHSE standards (ISO, FAIM)
  • What to include in a Quality Manual while being FAIM compliant

Topics covered:

  • 5 ways to successfully implement an integrated QHSE Management System
  • The culture of continuous improvement
  • The benefits of an integrated QHSE Management System
  • The QHSE Standards
  • Your quality manual (what to include, how to develop)