FIDI Board

Driving the organisation

The FIDI Board is currently composed of six Board Members who serve for a minimum period of two years and a maximum period of eight years: the President, the Vice President, the Treasurer, and three Board Members.

Recently, FIDI established that every board member has a portfolio of responsibilities related to FIDI's activities. They advise and overview a number of projects and events such as FAIM, the FIDI Academy, FIDI's conferences, communications, the FIDI Payment Protection Plan, and the FIDI-35 Club.   

 Rob Chipman, President

 Asian Tigers Mobility, Hong Kong (China)

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 Frederick Paxton, Vice President

 Paxton International, Springfield, Virginia, USA

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 Piet van Herk, Treasurer

 Voerman International B.V., Den Haag, The Netherlands

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 Ebru Demirel, Board Member

 Asya International Movers, Istanbul, Turkey

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 Laura Ganon, Board Member

 Transportes FINK S.A, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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 Errol Gardiner, Board Member

 New Zealand Van Lines Ltd, Wellington, New Zealand

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How does someone become a FIDI Board member?

Candidate members of the board are screened by the Board Nomination Committee and are subject to election rules defined in the FIDI Statutes. The proposed nominees are presented to the General Assembly, which then votes to instate the board.