Companies fraudulently claiming FIDI Affiliation

Beware that some companies may seem to be a FIDI Affiliate when in fact they are not!

These companies are NOT part of the FIDI Global Alliance network and are not FAIM certified!

To report any misuse of the FIDI branding, please contact Marie-Pascale Frix at

FIDI cannot be held responsible for any claims against the following non-affiliated companies:

Non-FIDI Affiliated Companies
Physical address
Asian Tigers Moving (NEW)

Room 206, block C, 2/F, n°2 building, lane 6725, Beiqing road, Qingpu, Shanghai / No. 1036 ZhongS Shan North Road, Shanghai

 Darwish Logistics

Inana Building, Free Zone, Damascus, Syria
 ​EMS Express

EMS Express HQ are located at: The Coach House Fields Rd. 12, Gloucestershire GL54 4NQ, United Kingdom

Euro Monde (NEW) Cartagena (and Madrid), Spain

 Lux Express ​The headquarters are located at The Coach House Fields Rd. 12, Gloucestershire GL54 4NA, United Kingdom

​ Ozgur International Movers

​Offices in Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir and Adana, Turkey
​ Packtra PLC ​Kirkos sub-city, Kebele 15, House No. 353, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
 TCC Removals


 Tigers International Moving Co, Ltd (NEW) N° 1901-73-108, North Block, Cangsong Building, Tairan Six Road, Chengongmiao, Shenzhen city, China / Room 9120, n°3 building, 1800 Panyuan Road, Taihe Economic Zone, Shanghai
​ UK Shippers Limited 57 Woodside Road, Luton Bedfordshire Lu14Dj, United Kingdom

 White Swan Relocation Co LTD



 Last Updated:  14/12/2017