Planning tips

Preparation is key

Even if a professional mover will take care of your move, it is best to prepare yourself by understanding everything that a move involves beforehand and planning accordingly.
Here are some suggestions that will help you when starting your preparations and making informed decisions concerning your moving and transportation needs. 

  • Schedule your move - well in advance

If you can choose the time of the year for your move, then we recommend moving outside the peak season.

The summer is usually the busiest time of the year for the moving industry since most people with families choose (or have) to relocate during the school holidays. In addition, the end of the month is also usually busier, because the conclusion of a house lease and other business practices is generally on the last day of the month. If you can schedule your move early in the year or after the summer months, you will save money and have more flexibility to choose the time and date.

  • Choose a professional moving company - cheaper is definitely not always better

Maybe your move is being arranged by your employer who works with an approved provider. If not, it is important for you to find a reliable international moving company, and some research will be needed. We recommend approaching a few companies and comparing the services they offer before making your decision.

  • Compare like with like

When you compare quotations between international movers, make sure you check what is and is not included to avoid any nasty additional charges at a later date. Often, quotes that look inexpensive may cost you more at the end. Some questions to ask are:

- Is the shipment method the same?

- Are your personal items being moved in their own container, or are they consolidated with other peoples’?

- Are the terminal and port handling charges included?

- Is packing/unpacking included?

- Have they accounted for accessibility?

- Is customs clearance included?

- What time frame is quoted?

- Who will be providing the delivery service at destination?

Get at least three separate quotes and everything in writing. Although the price is, of course, a major argument, remember that the company you choose will be responsible for transporting your most precious belongings across the world - and a lot can go wrong along the way. Your best bet, in the long run, is to trust international experts who work with a global network of high-quality partners - like the FIDI network of international moving and relocation companies.

  • Additional service requirements

Consider the additional services you may require from your international moving and relocation company. Do you need immigration assistance, currency transfer, transport insurance, house cleaning, pet transport, car transport or a full unpacking service upon delivery? Perhaps even a handyman service to hang pictures and re-assemble furniture?

Furthermore, many FIDI companies offer a range of Destination Services, such as house and school search, cultural and/or language training, etc. The earlier on in the moving process you think about what life will be like in your new home country and prepare, the easier it will be to fit right in - for yourself and your family.

Leave the logistics to the experts!

Your FIDI affiliated moving and relocation company will be able to guide you through the process of your international move, every step of the way.