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FIDI Global Alliance has affiliated companies throughout the world, all following the same high standards of service. Find out why you should rely on a FIDI partner for your international relocation!


Demonstrating FAIM compliance is a mandatory requirement to become a FIDI Affiliate, and FAIM accredited companies are regularly audited by an independent third-party, currently EY, ensuring that all companies adhere to the same high standards.

FAIM uses NCV (Non-Compliant Values) as measurement indicators, and the current standard FAIM 2022 represents a total of 1475 NCV.  A company is Top Performer scoring 0 NCV at the end of the Audit day, so it is a big achievement. Click here to see the FAIM certified top performers.


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Beware of companies that claim to be a FIDI Affiliate when in fact they are not! Click here to consult the list of companies fraudulently claiming FIDI membership.