Branch Affiliation Scheme

What is the Branch Affiliation Scheme?

The Branch affiliation scheme in its current format was created in 2013. Prior to this new initiative, branch offices in the same country as a FIDI affiliated head office could be members of FIDI but this was costly for Affiliates as those branch offices were also subject to a FAIM audit and an increased membership fee. During the Delegates Meeting in October 2012 in Washington DC, it was decided to create an affiliated Branch scheme to allow for more Branches to join FIDI and for the Branches and their staff to be able to benefit from and to use FIDI Services. The Board at the time felt that if a Head office worked according to FAIM quality standards, it was safe to assume that Branches in the same country, operating under the affiliated Head office, would also hold the same quality standards.

The scheme initially attracted more than 150 Branch affiliations. That number has slightly fallen now to 120 Branches but remains an important mechanism to allow Affiliates to increase their visibility in the FIDI Community, to position themselves in competitive market spaces, to obtain FASI protection in multiple locations and to open the door to FIDI Services, including the FIDI Academy, to its wider staff – all at a significantly reduced membership cost.

Why the Branch Affiliation Scheme

The FIDI Branch affiliation scheme, offers heavily subsidised FIDI Affiliation fees for Branch offices, operating under the same brand identity and located in the same country as the affiliated head office. Branches are not required to be audited but instead the head office will be required to demonstrate its relationship and its overseeing of the Branch(es) during its next FAIM compliance procedure.

Membership investment per Branch, per calendar year:

  • 525 EUR per annum annual membership fees
  • 150 EUR FASI contribution

No entrance fees are applicable and for a branch/branches added part way through the year, the annual membership fee will be prorated.

The FAIM audit fee to cover the Branch responsibility checks is 250 EUR. This is a one off fee, irrespective of the number of Branches.

Benefits of Branch affiliation:

  • Increased market exposure both to the FIDI Community and to end customers. Each Branch has its own listing in the FIDI Directory under its location.
  • Access to all FIDI Services including FASI payment protection
  • Access to FIDI resources for all Branch staff including Academy training, enhanced customs information, FIDINET and more.

Branch Application Form

Please fill in the below details if you want to add one or more branches to FIDI. For questions and more information, please contact Lydia Cope at

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