Container weight variation charge advice

Container Weight Variation Charge

On Wednesday, 27 January, The Australian International Movers Association (AIMA) released the following advice to members regarding weight amendment fee for import containers.

As of February 1, Patrick Port Services has given notice they will enforce a charge to carriers for any weight discrepancy of 1 Tonne more or less than the VGM of any import container.

The charge of $230.00 plus GST will be levied through to the carrier.

Our association through FTA is objecting to this manner of charging and while we do acknowledge the importance of accurate weight declarations for containers we believe the manner in which Patrick is dealing with this is unfair to the parties involved.

While at this time the charge has only been advised by Patrick Port Services there is a likelihood it will expand to the other stevedore companies also.

Please make sure this information is conveyed to your OS partners and reinforce the importance of accurate weight declarations. For more details, you can contact AIMA.


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