COVID-19 special coverage


The COVID-19 outbreak has been taking over the headlines worldwide since February 2020, with widespread effects on daily life everywhere. Generalized lockdown and international travel bans in many countries have had a massive short- and long-term impact on the international moving and relocation industry.

    COVID-19: how is it affecting the relocation industry?

    With the help of our broad network of industry experts in our membership and our partners, we hosted a series of online panel conversations on how the COVID-19 pandemic has and will affect the international moving industry and what strategies to implement to get through this crisis.

    Based on the online panel sessions, interviews and conversations we have had over the past year with our Affiliates and partners, we published a COVID-19 white paper on the effects of the pandemic on the international relocation industry.

    While it is difficult to keep track of international developments as they happen, we strongly encourage all our FIDI Affiliates and partners to keep up-to-date by checking with your local authorities on applicable rules and regulations in your respective countries, and by consulting recognized information and media channels.

    The COVID-19 outbreak - advice for international moving and relocation companies

    Faced with this global crisis, international moving and relocation companies have had to adapt and implement certain measures, in line with local rules and regulations. FIDI Global Alliance does not impose specific regulations or processes on its affiliated companies, but does advise to use common sense and follow some simple precautionary measures:


    • where possible, allow your office staff to work from home; allocate crews to specific locations and avoid mixing teams as far as possible
    • implement stricter hygiene measures: instruct your staff (especially operational crews) to wash their hands regularly and to avoid close contact with clients and external service providers; if possible, provide operational crews with disposable gloves when packing or unpacking goods at the client's resident; implement regular cleaning of all your facilities and vehicles
    • inform your clients of the special measures put into place regarding safety and health measures
    • FIDI recommends all Affiliates to carefully verify whether it makes sense to load and ship containers for the time-being, particularly considering the rapid changes in various countries worldwide.  Any charges caused by the global shutdown and related to delays in ports (such as demurrage, quay rent, bonded storage, etc.) are for the full account of the origin agent (shipper), who of course is at liberty to seek reimbursement from its clients or booker. As always, clear and timely communication is key to avoid misunderstandings and/or disagreements.


    FIDI Global Alliance and our FIDI community are here to help you get through this global crisis.


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