Expatise Academy: special offer for FIDI Affiliates

Expatise Academy special offer for FIDI Affiliates

Golden opportunity for Relocation Professionals

No one knows yet how post-COVID-19 Global Mobility will look like - what we do know is that international labour mobility will be put under far stricter scrutiny by countries and companies.

As a consequence, the HR Global Mobility department will get even more on its plate and will be looking for partners to take over tasks. The obvious candidate to insource these tasks is the relocation industry.

But are you ready to step in?

  • Does your staff have the competencies to take over these HR tasks?
  • Are they able to deal with legal compliance requirements in the home and host countries?
  • Can they work with financial data and compensation approaches?
  • Do they understand expatriate payroll?

To help your staff expand and deepen their competencies, our partner Expatise Academy created an online HR Global Mobility course (8 modules) geared towards Relocation Professionals. We’re delighted to announce that FIDI Affiliates will enjoy priority access and a substantial discount. You can find information about fees and the special discount scheme here

For more information, please contact academy@fidi.org


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