The Industry Roadmap for Sustainability

Person pinning papers on a board

In September 2022, along with FIDI, five other leading employee mobility associations from around the world launched a global effort to ensure the industry is playing its part on environmental sustainability.

As part of the launch, the group signed a joint agreement that provides the Global Mobility industry with a roadmap and common actions towards achieving greater environmental sustainability. That agreement led to the formation of The Coalition for Greener Mobility.

You can find the video of the presentation on Defining Global Mobility’s Sustainability Roadmap.


FIDI - Walking the Talk

There is now a general sense of urgency. At FIDI, we believe that we can be a driving force in making our entire industry more sustainable – and that our association and our membership will come out stronger for it. 

Magali Horbert, FIDI’s Sustainability and Strategic Communications Manager, talks in the below article about the first steps to greater environmental friendliness. Starting with the annual FIDI Conference.  


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