Intramar: Update on the current situation in Colombia

Intramar: Update on the current situation in Colombia

Update: On Tuesday, 22 June, Intramar Shipping S.A.S released the following message regarding the situation in Colombia:

"The protests and blockages in Colombia have subsided considerably. However, the lagged effects of blockades on the ports are still significant, especially in Buenaventura, Cartagena and Patios.

  • Cartagena ports: currently, there is a shortage of vehicles to/from these ports due to the fact that many transportation companies are withdrawing pending cargo from the ports of Buenaventura, thus, generating a an increase in market rates.
  • Buenaventura ports: because of the high demand of vehicles to pick up congested cargo in these, there is a rise in national freight rates, and the turns in the service waiting list are moving slowly. A return to normality could take at least four to five months.
  • Patios, Bogotá: The lack of containers and the difficulty of reserving them has caused complications in the direct-loading modality processes.

"It is expected that the dialogues between the Colombian Government and the Unions and protest representatives will lead to a lasting agreement and solution that will normalize logistic operations in all the territory. At Intramar Shipping SAS we will be reporting any relevant news and updates regarding the ongoing national strike in the country."

For more information, please contact Intramar Shipping S.A.S.

Update: Port situation as at Friday, 14 May: 

Occupation at the port is currently at 80% capacity. Ships scheduled to dock in the week of May 7 are not being serviced by the port so services are temporarily suspended. As such, port services will be partially provided until the situation normalizes.

On Thursday, 6 May, Aviomar S.A.S released the following message regarding the situation in Colombia:

"Following our communication, we may inform you that the protests initiated last 29th of April, and reactions against a new tax reform which have turned into violence and insecurity in different places of the country. 

"Today, May 5th, a national strike was called which left many life losses, injuries and considerably material damages. 

"Up to now the general situation is quite complex and chaotic therefore a concrete solution is not yet foreseen as to when these protests will end. 

"Bogota, our capital city, in its access roads, is completely blocked avoiding the movement of cargoes from and to the different ports ·Of the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts as Cartagena and Buenaventura respectively.

"While the Ports are normally operating, as a preventive measure, land transportation is not generating: any security, thus, all deliveries must be postponed until new order. Airports are normally operating.

"In Medellin and Cali, the situation is even more complex due to the blocking of all access roads and total shortage of goods united with the increase of vandalism and uncontrolled violence. 

"In regards to Covid, the occupancy levels of intensive care units exceed 90 percent before the new peak, a concern given 
that these concentrations will probably increase the level of contagious, which will extend the peak for longer than expected. 

"Aviomar is fully operational and would like to thank all our staff today for attending our customer's operations, however due to security protocol, it will be done in a shorter time than usual, given that disturbances of public order may happen. 

"We will be attentive to the evolution of all processes so that our clients are affected in the least possible way, preserving the integrity of our staff.. Likewise, we appreciate all solidarity messages for the situation we are going through and that we hope will come to a good end. 

"If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us through the usual channels which are available for you. "

For more information, please contact Aviomar S.A.S.


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