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Fluidity of assignments: from virtual to permanent
16 April 2019

Fluidity of assignments: from virtual to permanent

As companies look to offer more flexible packages than the traditional long-term assignment, 2 extremes have emerged: the virtual expat and the permanent transfer

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Candidate red flags: how to spot assignment failures in advance
5 March 2019

Candidate red flags: how to spot assignment failures in advance

The modern candidate selection process is a carefully managed and often “technologically enhanced” affair. But sometimes your gut instincts just tell you when something isn’t right... 

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Global mobility: the complete list of most-read topics
19 February 2019

Global mobility: the complete list of most-read topics

What are the big global mobility issues? Based on web data, we list the top articles that everyone keeps clicking on...

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9 January 2019

Corruption in global mobility: a threat to your financial compliance?

Attitudes towards bribery & corruption vary hugely across the world. So how can global mobility departments ensure compliance?

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10 December 2018

Has the gig economy arrived just in time for global mobility?

Reasons why the rise of the gig economy may provide an answer to the downward trend in employees’ willingness to travel

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29 October 2018

Global mobility skills: what kind of GM manager are you?

What is your approach to global mobility? We look at the 4 key types of global mobility manager. Which one best describes you?

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9 October 2018

Gender equality: is the tide turning for female expats?

Are the long-running attempts to redress gender discrimination finally bearing fruit? Many challenges remain for female expats, but there are recent signs for optimism

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10 September 2018

Global mobility & retention: is your talent strategy at risk?

Employees value expatriation, right? Not always. Some employers have trouble with post-assignment talent retention. Uncover the explanation and 2 ways to fix it

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3 September 2018

How technology will reshape relocation

Technology is embedded in all aspects of our lives. But relocation professionals have been slow on the uptake. CEO & Co-Founder of ReloTalent Sebastien Deschamps helps you get started

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25 July 2018

Global Mobility 101: tips for starting GM Managers

Understanding your key obligations towards expats and the organization itself is the first step to success for any starting Global Mobility Manager

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5 June 2018

Technology update: a study of pioneers in global mobility

Technology is fundamentally changing how humans interact. Find out how pioneers in global mobility use tech to work more efficiently, and more humanely

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8 May 2018

6 dangerous assumptions that lead to expat failure (infographic)

Making false assumptions can be dangerous – and can lead to expat failure

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24 April 2018

GDPR: 4 key tips for global mobility professionals

GDPR will be in effect in May 2018, but what does this mean for global mobility? Enjoy 4 GDPR tips for individual expats and relocation professionals

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30 March 2018

Blurring the edges: the flexibility of modern global assignments

Global mobility departments have more choices than ever before. But this flexibility also brings along a series of new challenges. Learn how to conquer yours

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20 February 2018

An expat’s view of HR’s global mobility challenges

Looking to deal with your global mobility challenges more effectively? Try to see those challenges from an expat perspective.

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16 January 2018

Repatriation and how to extend the legacy of a global assignment

Repatriation is a problem for many global mobility departments. But it might be easier to acknowledge that the person coming back is not the one who left

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5 January 2018

Global mobility trends 2018: our hopes and fears

The key global mobility trends for 2018? Technology, diversity, people, and more. Discover our hopes and fears for the industry moving forward

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15 November 2017

The virtuous circle of global mobility and talent retention

Matching corporate and individual global mobility needs doesn’t have to be a struggle. In fact, many organizations are enjoying the benefits of a virtuous circle

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4 October 2017

Avoiding expat failure: 10 tips for successful candidate selection

Expat failure is to be avoided at all costs, and a thorough and well-planned selection process is essential to ensure the right candidate selection

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22 September 2017

5 ways to manage expatriation risk

Expat failure can be a costly affair for all sides. Keep these 5 expatriation risks in mind when planning your next global assignment to boost your success rate

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11 September 2017

3 ways to improve your global mobility procurement processes

Identifying and selecting relocation partners to support your global mobility program can be a complex task – here are 3 ways to improve your processes

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29 August 2017

The shift in global mobility: get ready for China

The impact on global mobility departments of China’s rise in importance for global assignments

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Global assignment help buoy thumb | FIDI blog
8 August 2017

What help do you need to manage a global assignment?

Managing global assignments often requires the support of third-party suppliers – but managing them can be a problem in itself.

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4 July 2017

What qualities do expats need to succeed?

What can we do to increase the success rate of global assignments? Start with the personal qualities of the candidate…

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27 June 2017

Is it time to redefine global mobility?

Technology has not only made the world a smaller place, but a more demanding one too – with far-reaching implications for global mobility

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