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Expat pets thumbnail
24 July 2017

Expat pets: do what Johnny Depp says

Five key pieces of advice for anyone relocating overseas with their pet.

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Pre-departure departure times | FIDI blog
18 November 2016

The ultimate pre-departure checklist for international assignments

Planning an international assignment? Use our handy downloadable checklist before you go. 

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Payphone thumb | FIDI blog
15 September 2016

Moving to a new country: where to look for help

A summary of the various resources available online and offline to support independent expats before and during their stay abroad

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Picking out the right international moving company thumb | FIDI blog
1 September 2016

6 strategies to pick out the right international moving company

We put together 6 strategies to help organizations to pick out the best company for their employee relocation needs.

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Avoiding unexpected costs in international relocation thumb
11 July 2016

International relocation: how to avoid unexpected costs

What could possibly go wrong with your relocation? Here are a few last-minute pitfalls to look out for during and after your move.

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New SOLAS regulations | FIDI blog
22 June 2016

Beachcombers, global assignments, and the SOLAS regulations update

An explanation of the changes to the SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) regulations

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