2020 vision – a focus on next year’s trends

1 October 2019

The trouble with crystal balls is that they are not always crystal-clear. It’s often hard to see what is waiting around the corner for the global mobility industry. But as we approach the landmark year 2020, a few key trends are coming into focus. We can see them coming, and thought we would map out our 2020 vision. Let’s take a closer look together.

An increasingly flexible attitude to assignments. Stretch.

                                                                                                    Focus in here

Expect more from your supplier. Transformation.

                                                                                                    More clarity here

Mainstream adoption of new technology. Finally

                                                                                                    See here, here and here

The family unit is changing. Evolution

                                                                                                    Look closer here and here

From simple compliance to total employee experience. Beyond

                                                                                                    Focus in here

Working in an unstable political landscape. Careful

                                                                                                    Take a closer look

Greater accessibility for global mobility. Welcome

                                                                                                    Zoom in

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