Highlights from the FIDI 2020/21 State of the Industry report

Highlights from the FIDI 2020/21 State of the Industry report

FIDI has recently published its 2020/21 State of the Industry report – an insightful appraisal of the health of the relocation industry.

Drawing on inputs from a wide range of industry practitioners and observers, it digs deep into the issues that have affected global mobility over the last 12 months. In these fast-changing and unpredictable times, we all have many questions – we hope the report will go some way to answer the following:


  • The distinction between ‘movers’ and RMCs (relocation management companies) is blurring, while the industry landscape is being transformed by high-profile mergers, such as that between BGRS and Relo Group. The eventual awarding of the USTRANSCOM contract (again delayed to after the summer of 2021) will also create winners and losers, but how will this affect the shape of the industry in years to come?  


  • Will the large global corporates – our key end customers – pick up where they left off after the pandemic? Or are they turning to more local recruitment? Alternative assignment models? How are customers reacting?


  • The business of relocation management has also become more complex and therefore costly: not only are stringent new regulations in place, but business levels are unpredictable. How can we preserve healthy operating margins?


  • We have seen the rise of virtual working – but we are now also very aware of its limitations. Technology is also helping us improve service, add value and enhance competitiveness? How will technology help us survive and thrive?


  • While margins are low, clients are more conscious than ever of their duty of care towards assignees, prompting a shift from price-first to quality-first. So how do we prove quality? How is the FAIM certification evolving to reassure our customers?


  • The demanding conditions require industry players to be efficient, agile and innovative. As our industry changes, how do we evolve? In a landscape increasingly inhabited by consolidated giants, where are the most profitable niches for smaller players to thrive?

Get answers to the relocation industry’s big questions now

See the patterns in the data, read the opinions of the experts, and get a new and insightful perspective on the industry. We are dealing with some of the most challenging times we have ever faced – find out what it means to your industry.


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