Why you should go global in search for talent

Why you should go global in search for talent | FIDI

As the world keeps shrinking and global mobility grows in importance, recruiters are expanding their horizons. Jacob Daniels, from Moving and Logistics experts Movers Development, explains what this means to growing businesses and how they can benefit from these developments.

The lure of global mobility

How many times in your life have you heard the words “You should follow your dreams” or “Go explore the world”? The answer: more than one can count. And this is a concept all expats find enticing, and with the development of global mobility – no longer as difficult as it once was.

Given the global expanding nature of businesses nowadays, talent acquisition from across the world has become a regular occurrence. You have the skill set and knowledge that we are looking for – come work for us. This seems like a simple idea; it does however need some strategic planning. In other words, there are certain recruitment tactics for growing businesses to use on a global scale.

How does a global strategy benefit you? | FIDI

How does a global strategy benefit you?

Competition today lurks around every corner. With access to innovative technology and the ability to research global trends, going global has become an important milestone in the growth of any business. The moving industry, in particular, has adopted and embraced the concept of global mobility with open arms, recognizing the potential gains it brings.

However, to cross that threshold, small and emerging businesses need to invest a lot. Such a step can cause large-scale disruption in day-to-day business operations. Thus, it is essential for business owners and CEOs to measure the gains and losses it can carry. And by doing that, you can determine whether it’s worth the trip. If you decide to proceed, you will need to prepare well:

  • Gain a detailed understanding of the local and other markets
  • Explore the competition and the tactics they employ
  • Gather the resources needed for such an undertaking

Of course, those that have already gone through this transition are aware of all this and are focused on the next phase – how to make it last.

What tactics should you use?

It is no secret that the business you have today wouldn’t have come to pass if not for your vision and efforts which helped it take off. However, the ones tasked with keeping it in check and helping it develop further are the employees you hire. Thus, to be able to not only recruit but also retain talented individuals is an achievement in itself.

In order to accomplish this, you have to consider just what it takes for expats to stay in one place. It’s simple when you think about it – just create an optimized working environment. You need to establish your brand on a global scale as a safe haven for all those in search of knowledge and self-improvement, with the will to contribute to the development of your business.

And this is exactly the goal of the three recruitment tactics noted below – to help you find top performers and encourage them to stay:

1. Establish a company dynamic and inviting culture

A concrete and bulletproof company culture takes time. Like your company, it is an idea that starts out small, only to develop and grow into something strong over time. You have to strategically approach the aspect of establishing a lasting and inspirational business culture. Then, you have to make sure to nurture it and keep it on track, because losing any part of it can cause dire consequences.

Once you have the full picture of what your company culture is, it’s just a matter of finding the right people that fit this culture. And this is very important, given that modern research states that a good company culture is what keeps employees loyal to it. However, with the combination of global mobility and a global office culture, this should be manageable.

2. Make your expectations clear from the start

Decisiveness is a strength – never forget that. People tend to respect leaders that set ambitious but achievable goals. You will always be able to find individuals willing to work with others to cross an important milestone. However, that milestone has to be defined first. When it comes to recruitments tactics for growing businesses, this one serves as a demonstration of strength.

Once you set the bar high, the next step is to find the right way to motivate your team to meet your expectations. Once you have the culture, they simply need the tools to get the job done.

This could be a specialized software tool for moving businesses that can help them in their operational tasks. Equally, it may involve training to help them prepare for modern moving and transportation technologies, or the right team of managers to lead and motivate them.

3. Promote the social contribution of your business

People today are no longer as interested in just getting their paycheck and calling it a day. Instead, millennials are inspired by the different causes global companies stand for. Everyone wants to work for a business that has an impact on their local community or global society.

The opportunity to earn good money is great, but the opportunity to earn good money whilst making a difference is fantastic. A good example in the relocation industry can be found in the Move for Hunger organization.

Where do we go from here? | FIDI

Where do we go from here?

Spirit, strength and compassion – these are the three pillars that these three recruitment tactics stand for. Not only do they help your business establish itself on the global market, but they can aid in hiring and retaining the team that will get it there in the first place

What are the key global mobility issues affecting business?

Find out more about how businesses manage the legal and compliance issues around global mobility – and ultimately reap the benefits with productive expats and successful assignments.


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