28 May 2018

Expat destination: Belgium

Considering an expat assignment in Brussels of just curious about the home of FIDI HQ? Find out everything you need to know about Belgium as an expat – from an expat

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27 February 2018

Expat destination: New Zealand

Expat assignment in New Zealand coming up? We’ve contacted Errol Gardiner for some insider insights. Get to know your new favourite country Down Under

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7 February 2018

Always an expat, never a repat: what to do when returning home is not an option?

Many expats repeatedly relocate to new countries. Mariam Ottimofiore shares her challenges of serial expatriation and the type of support these expats require

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5 December 2017

Relocating to Turkey? 5 expat tips for your checklist

We have put together a list of 5 key considerations to add to your checklist before moving to Turkey for your Eurasian assignment. 

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3 November 2017

5 qualities you need in a moving company

Looking for a trustworthy partner for successful international relocations? Choose a moving company that doesn’t rely on luck, but on these 5 qualities.

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International Relocation - 5 Frequently Asked Questions
10 November 2016

International Relocation | 5 Frequently Asked Questions

In this guest contribution, Nuss, an Australia-based removal and relocation company, sheds light on some of the 5 most frequently asked questions in international moving.

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FAIM The world's most recognized standard for international movers

FAIM, short for FIDI Accredited International Mover, stands as the world’s most recognized quality label for professional international movers and relocation companies. Highly regarded and revered for its stringent demands and rigorous auditing process, the label ensures that only the most reliable and performing movers can bear the seal. The FAIM label is your assurance for a smooth, safe and comprehensive removal process.