New FAIM Standard roll-out & effect on First-Time Applicants

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A new enhanced edition of the FAIM Quality Standard will be introduced during the calendar year 2022. The new draft FAIM Standard will be subject to approval at the General Assembly in 2022. If all goes as planned, the FAIM 2022 Quality Standard will be rolled out from January 2023. As a direct result, the new FAIM 2022 Quality Standard will become the Standard for all FAIM audits starting from 1 January 2023. If your company is currently in the FAIM Application process or you are planning to join FIDI, please note that this might have an impact on your application process.

How does this affect your company's FAIM Application process?

There are two key requirements to be fulfilled to have your company still audited against the current FAIM 3.2 Quality Standard:

  • Your FAIM 3.2 Application and pre-audit documentation has to be submitted to the FAIM Coordination Centre before 2 May 2022.
  • Your FAIM 3.2 Audit needs to take place before 14 December 2022.

If the above requirements cannot be met, the FCC will not be able to process your application and /or make the necessary arrangements to schedule your FAIM 3.2 audit; subsequently, your audit scheduled after 1 January 2023, will be audited against the new FAIM 2022 Quality Standard.

If you have any questions, please contact the FAIM Coordination Centre at


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