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The global shipping crisis has been wrecking havoc in supply chains across the world since early 2020, and with the ongoing effects of the COVID pandemic, as well as the war in Ukraine, the situation is not set to improve in 2022. The international moving and global mobility industry relies heavily on international shipping, and is severely affected by the delays and price hikes. On this page, we will share relevant and updated information from our FIDI membership, partners and external sources. If you have interesting information or questions, please contact us at

What is the current container shipping situation?

What is the current container shipping situation?
Credit: DiS Company Limited

FIDI joins the pan-industry joint statement calling for the European Commission to review shipping competition rules

FIDI and the International Association of Movers (IAM) as representatives of fellow international moving and relocation industry associations OMNI, LACMA, and PAIMA along with the owners and forwarders of cargo, port terminal operators and other parts of the supply chain dependent on container shipping, are demanding an immediate start to the review of the European Union’s Consortia Block Exemption Regulation for the container shipping industry.

Read the full news release and joint statement below.

  • The Maritime Executive shares that shippers demand a review of EU competition rules for container shipping
  • The Seatime Maritime News shares that calls for EU container line block exemption review grow louder
  • shares that European shippers call for review of competition rules in liner shipping

FIDI issues an open letter on the global shipping challenge

We have released an open letter highlighting the ongoing challenges and the impact on the international moving industry. The letter dives into the causes of the crisis including an unexpected increase in international demand for goods and services following changing pandemic restrictions, a worldwide reduction in the availability of vessels, and a shortage of truck drivers and other staff in the logistics sector.

We suggest that you share this letter with your clients, partner agents and suppliers so that they can be informed of the disruptions across the industry and the fact that the crisis is expected to persist for some time before it starts to decline.

The ongoing global shipping crisis has been in the news worldwide since spring 2020, and continues to have widespread effects on daily life everywhere. As we continue to face these challenges, we'll share relevant information and resources below to help you navigate the crisis.

Our fellow FIDI Affiliate Bournes hosted a very informative webinar on the shipping crisis and its impact on Global Mobility. In this webinar, they cover the current situation, how it is impacting the international moving business, and what movers, shippers and global mobility players can do to mitigate the effects. Jeremy Chandar, Corporate Sales Director at Bournes Relocation Solutions, also reflects on

whether the new normal will be aligned with today’s costs or pre-pandemic rates. You can watch the recording of the webinar by clicking on the link below. And please share your thoughts on this crucial question with us via email to

shipping crisis webinar by Bournes
  • In this article, news agency Bloomberg explains the impact of China's COVID lockdowns on global supply chain and shipping
  • The online logistics news website Global Trade looks at 5 trends that will shape global supply chains and shipping in 2022
  • In this video, CBS news looks into the supply chain crisis in the US ports, who is responsible, and how this will affect the end-of-the-year season
  • The British Association of Removers (BAR) has published an updated overview of the shipping crisis and its effects on the UK moving business.
  • McKinsey and Company  had an interesting discussion about why container shipping costs are surging and what lies ahead for the industry.
  • DiS Company Limited published an informative video on why there is a container shortage.


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