Services overview

Success in today’s competitive global mobility industry requires an understanding of the marketplace and of the needs of our FIDI Affiliates and of the end customer.

For the broader relocation world, the FIDI Global Alliance represents a network of professional companies offering optimal quality for their international move

For FIDI Affiliates, FIDI helps them in their business by providing a range of services such as:


The FIDI Academy offers a wide range of specialist industry-related training programmes. Training is one of FIDI's key priorities, because of its beneficial impact on business success. The FIDI Academy has developed a Career Points system that recognises and rewards individuals and companies that promote industry knowledge.

Find out more about the FIDI Academy's training programme, topics and training team.

Financial protection:

Helping you preserve your cash flow is important to FIDI; that’s why FIDI has the FIDI Affiliates Secured Invoices (FASI) programme, which helps its Affiliates protect up to 90% of the value of their invoices.
Participation in FASI is straightforward and only requires you to report outstanding invoices within given deadlines.

Find out more about FASI here


Keeping you informed about the moving industry and FIDI's latest developments is one of FIDI's priorities. FIDI communicates with its affiliates and other stakeholders through a variety of channels and materials. Check out our other resources here.

Industry Experts Panel & Arbitration:

Experts provide guidance, recommendations and decisions in areas such as disputes between FIDI Affiliates, disputes relating to FAIM objections and other industry matters.

Find out more about the Industry Experts Panel & the Arbitration/Mediation services here.