Academy course catalogue

Here is a list of available courses provided by FIDI Academy trainers:


Essentials in International Moving (EiM)
Master in International Moving (MiM)
Leaders in International Moving Forum (LiM)
Cultural Awareness Seminar

Webinars (on-line instructor led)

Cultural awareness
Customer service
Forwarding by air
Forwarding by sea
A booking starts with a brilliant survey (estimate the right volume)!
How to handle claims
How to sell effectively
Planning of the move
Time management

The foundations of project management


On-line training (24/24 - 7/7)

DSP Fundamentals

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The Foundations of International Moving 
[Module1]    [Module2]    [Module3]    [Module4]    [Module5]    [Module6]

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Introduction to finance

[Level 1]  [Level 2]


The International FIDI Packers Training

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