2023 FIDI Conference will take place in Bangkok, Thailand

Photo credit: Rey Melvin Caraan, Unsplash

The FIDI Board has the pleasure to announce that the 2023 FIDI Conference will take place in Bangkok, Thailand, at the end of March 2023 (exact dates will be announced shortly).

In light of the ongoing, COVID-related restrictions for international travelers still in place in Japan, the FIDI Board informed the FIDI community on 14 July 2022 that it was considering changing the location of the 2023 conference, originally planned to take place in Osaka. The Board feels it is important to ensure that all FIDI Affiliates and partners can attend this flagship event of our community, and Bangkok offers all the necessary requirements for a highly successful FIDI Conference. It is important to underline that this change in location does not have any financial consequences for FIDI.

The FIDI office and dedicated events team are finalizing the details of the event and will share more information in due time. The FIDI Board would like to thank the FIDI Asia representatives for their valuable help throughout this process.

For any questions or comments, please contact the FIDI Events team at admin@fidievents.org or the FIDI office at fidi@fidi.org.


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