Disruption to Italian port operations

Disruption to Italian port operations

According to information from Laura Busettini, Vice-President of FIDI Italy, port workers in Trieste and Genoa plan to protest the green pass requirement by the Italian government from the 15th of October.

Busettini stated that, " ... from Friday 15th October the Green Pass - a certificate showing that people have been vaccinated,  tested negative or recovered from covid-19 - will be compulsory for all workers, in both the public and private sectors, in a move affecting around 23 million people.

"Port workers in Trieste and Genoa plan to stage indefinite blocking protests at both ports from October 15th.  The purpose of this action is to press the Italian Government to quit the rule to make the Green Pass mandatory for all workers in Italy from October 15th

"The Green Pass certifies the holder has been vaccinated against,  recently received from or recently tested negative for Covid19.     

"The government has not indicated that it is likely to reverse its decision on the Green Pass requirement.   Similar actions are likely to be taken by other Italian ports/terminals. 

"Disruptions to port operations are to be expected and we have already experienced them this week.   Protesters may block major routes leading to port facilities not allowing containers to be collected and delivered.   Moving activities will certainly be heavily affected by this situation.  More challenges to be added on the top of the existing critical shipping / transport / customs scenario.

"Please be advised about potential delays and additional costs (demurrage/detention charges / warehouse handling / storage fees…) that these new events will generate."

For more information, please contact Laura Busettini at lbusettini@vinelliescotto.com.


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