How to join FIDI

We encourage potential applicants to first check that you qualify for affiliation, to review the application procedure and costs, and then complete the FIDI application form. Applicant pricing information and other useful documents are available to download at the bottom of this page.

Do you qualify for FIDI membership?

To join The FIDI Global Alliance you must fulfill the following mandatory requirements;

  • comply with FIDI Regulations once accredited
  • operate in inter-continental moving services and have been doing so continuously for at least the previous 2 years prior to application (Inter-continental removals means border crossing removals by air freight or sea freight from one customs area to another)
  • perform a minimum of 10 inter-continental moves per year (acting as the booker)
  • have appropriate and adequate insurance cover*in place as evidenced by the Insurance Declaration signed by the Applicant’s insurance company or insurance broker declaring that these FIDI-FAIM insurance requirements have been met.    
  • sign the FIDI Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Charter (FIDI ABC Charter) and the FIDI Anti-Trust Charter (FIDI ATC)
  • be financially healthy (your financial health will be checked by an independent auditor during the application phase)
  • be FIDI-FAIM certified. You will apply for FAIM certification at the same time that you apply for FIDI membership.

Click here to complete the application form

The Application procedure

  1. Purchase the FAIM documentation (1000 EUR)
  2. Once you have assessed if you meet the FAIM requirements, submit the Pre-audit self-assessment and supporting documents as required to the FAIM Coordination Centre (FCC)
  3. Provided you meet the pre-requisites, you will then enter into a 28 day objection phase where existing FIDI Affiliates can lodge an objection about your potential FIDI Affiliation (this can only relate to knowledge that you do not comply with FAIM or the FIDI Statutes)
  4. If the objection period is succesfully passed, the FAIM auditor will be scheduled to vist your premises
  5. Upon passing the FAIM compliance procedure succesfully, you will be required to pay the FIDI entrance and membership fees
  6. We will publish you as a FIDI Affiliate and you will have full access to all FIDI Services.
  7. Within 12 months of Affiliation, one employee from the Affiliate company must attend the FIDI Academy 5-day EIM Seminar ( Essentials in International Moving).

FIDI Office

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact;

Lydia Cope, FIDI Customer Relations Officer,, +322 421 4755.

Affiliated Branches

In addition to the affiliation of principle offices, you can also apply for membership of branches at a discounted rate, once one office is affiliated to the FIDI Global Alliance.

FIDI defines a branch as a non-headquarter office located in the same sovereign country as the company's headquarters.


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